The Light (Acoustic Version)

The Light (Acoustic Version)

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As the desire to enjoy a serene summer evening grows, so does the urge to relax, while the warmth of the sun rays caresses your skin and a slight sea breeze makes you drift away from reality. Here to help you cope with these urges, Armada presents the second instalment of Armada Chill. Armada Chill 002 contains the most soothing records, combining lush and enchanting atmospheres with beautiful chords and melodies and hypnotizing rhythms.

Featuring no less than 21 tracks per part and counting up to the whopping amount of 42 songs in this compilation, Armada Chill combines outstanding tunes from Joris Voorn, Kraak & Smaak, Sunlounger, Felix Jaehn and many more with gems like Lost Frequencies’ remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘In And Out Of Love’ (feat Sharon den Adel).

For the second time, Armada Chill hands you the very best of Chill Music, in a ready-made, complete package, making sure that you’ll be able to relax any time you like, wherever you want. Just the way it’s supposed to be!


01 Saje – Lost Tonight
02 Lustral – Raven
03 Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost (Chill Out Mix)
04 Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan – We Control The Sunlight (Chill Out Mix)
05 Alphabet feat. Arc – Anymore
06 Jan Blomqvist – Time Again (Ryan Mathiesen Remix)
07 Kraak & Smaak – Where You Been
08 Rodg – Perfect Night
09 Harold van Lennep – Liberation
10 Joris Voorn feat. Kid A – House
11 Fractal Architect – Missing
12 Tom Strobe – Too Close
13 Melosense – Roads & Lights
14 Polographia – AM
15 Paul Oakenfold – Touch Me (Pretty Pink Remix)
16 Twax feat. Solomina – Movin On
17 Lekesch & Schekel – Famous
18 Trinidad Senolia – Sucra Sacre (Jose Marquez Remix)
19 Anthelix – Kora
20 Manu Zain feat. Patrick Baker – I Never Knew How
21 Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel – In And Out Of Love (Lost Frequencies Remix) / Hedjet – Casino Nights

01 Chicane feat. Lisa Gerrard – Orleans (Sunrise Edit)
02 Disco Fries feat. Niko The Kid – The Light (Acoustic Version)
03 Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson – Immortal Love (Orion & J.Shore Classical Remake)
04 Rezonate – Elemental
05 Our Samplus – Smile
06 Lustral – When The Angels Miss Your Call
07 Franklin – Lullaby
08 Rina Mushonga – Eastern Highlands (Joris Voorn Remix)
09 Pelari & CollinWex feat. Dominique Fricot – Oasis (CollinWex Chill Mix)
10 Gasp – Lagoons
11 Bossanova – Stonecold
12 Suspect 44 – Our Little World
13 Y.V.E. 48 – All You Need (Day Mix)
14 JYRA – The Sky
15 Matt Meler – Hypnosis
16 Robosonic feat. STAG – WURD
17 Androma – Kaya
18 Felix Jaehn feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen – Dance With Me
19 Audiotreats – Swoon
20 Dash Berlin feat. Roxanne Emery – Shelter
21 Emma Hewitt – Colours (Strings & Vocals Mix)

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