Dooqu – How Long (ft. Trove)

Dooqu - How Long (ft. Trove)

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With his signature airy sound, producer Dooqu is back in collaboration with vocalist Trove in the track “How Long”. With his perky production skill set, Dooqu coincides fluttering synths and a sentimental melody with Trove’s warm vocals. “How Long” is the type of track to lift listeners spirits through sporadic bursts of energy in emotion and the eclectic nature in sound.

“I want people to feel they are a part of the different levels of energy in the song. The smooth and relaxing vocal of Trove taking the song in his hand and pushing it to its maximum. It surprises you when the drop hits, but somehow it feels so expected anyway.” – Dooqu

” When I first heard the track I thought it was a really forward thinking sound and the synths and layers in it are fresh and ahead of the times. I think the collaboration aspect was special too. It’s rare that a topline goes so smoothly from the first review so I think when something is right, it makes sense and that’s unique in itself.” – Trove

1) Dooqu – How Long (ft. Trove)

Availabilty: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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