DJ Le Clown – Stand on the Sledgehammer


My dear brothers and sisters,

Well this time, my latest mashup & video is dedicated to the Pussy Riot, which performance was for me the best gig ever on this poor planet of sheeps and politically correct thinking artists of this dark 21st century…Please Vladimir Free them ! Show your sense of humour to the world ! Or at least be clever…
Of course the main theme of the song was inspired by my best friend : God Himself – and I’d like to tell him: Thanks so much !
The chorus of the song “Stand on the World” sung by the great “joubert singers” is “that’s how the good lord works!” which is really inspiring for a clown like me! Furthermore this song was used in France in a commercial for Galaxy Samsung phone whom slogan was :
” Designed for human” !!!
Well impossible to resist to such a good opportunity for me. Of course the way the good Lord works is not always what us humans are expecting from him (or her)! That’s why I had to use in the video the good and the bad side of his work ! Cecil B Demille really great scene of Moses opening the sea (and killing thousands of “Bad” poor Egyptians!) was the first twisted idea that came into my pervert brain! Peter gabriel’s song “Sledgehammer” worked so good with the “Panoptikum Akestra Remix” from the Joubert’s song that I’ve used for the mix, that for a while, I thought I was blessed and that it was just a miracle !
Well I love Peter Gabriel, and anyway he’s got the name of an angel isn’t he? So I’ve used few angels in the video as well … As there’s no videos of the Joubert singers available in Europe (don’t know the F..why!) I had the idea to use my favorite rock movie ever “The blues brothers” famous churches scene featuring James Brown as a priest to replace the band ! That also gave me the opportunity to use the two bros’ and their Mother superior as a nice and fresh intro in the video…That was it !
I’ll have the pleasure to present this video Mashup for the first time in Poland during the filmowe podlasie atakuje festival in Poland, of course you’re all invited !
Well hope you’ll enjoy the mix; God bless you all…



From DJ Le Clown


Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer