3rd Album

Here’s the newest album Mashup Culture VOL.3.
Two CDs, two moods.
Grab the project now !!!

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to this album and all bootleggers,
Rappy, DeeM, Mister Nono, Jane Doze, Jarod Ripley, DJ’s From Mars, Kellys Sevlac, Robin Skouteris, Earworm, MashMike, g4gorilla, Vincent Cayeux (ViC), Magic Baron, Dan Mei, A Plus D, Ryan Nellis, Carlos Serrano, DRA’man, Sebwax, Duncan Gerow, G3RSt, Mighty Mike and Chocomang ! Also to DJ Athom, Bel Air Deejayz, The Homogenic Chaos, Colatron, Ed Mash, Fissunix, Krazy Ben, Aphte Punk, DJ Surda, and Panos T ‘cause I’m sure he’ll have some videoclips to realise.

Thank you very much to our partnerships:

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Make sure to download the album ’cause there aren’t two tracks on soundcloud, from A+D and Kellys Sevlac.

CD1: 07 – Both Of Us Take Down Like A Domino – Kelly Sevlac

CD2: 01 – Sweet Rihanna O’ Mine – A Plus D

All tracks are available one by one on Mashstix: www.mashstix.com/MashupCulture3.php




Mirrors: UploadHero and 4shared.

Make sure to download the project ’cause there isn’t all the mashups on soundcloud my friends.