Nano steel leather : top remises – moins cher – 2020

  • Adamas 1717NURC Round Core String Set
    Adamas 1717NURC Round Core String Set; coasted string set for acoustics steel guitar; ultra thin nano- coating; Round Core; Phosphor Bronce; slow-wound high-end strings; the winding contacts entirely on the core wire, thereby longer sustain and more balanced and harmonious sound; string gauge 010.014.023w .030w .038w .047w; please shorten the round core strings only after they are installed and tuned to pitch
  • Thon Case Avid Pro Tools S3
    Thon Case Avid Pro Tools S3; Hood case fits an Avid Pro Tools S3 controller, made of 6.8mm birch plywood Coated, color black, 22 x 22 mm aluminum edge, 2x small butterfly, 1x leather handle, 8 small steel ball corners, 4 rubber feet, 38 x 10, foam, all connections freely accessible, device can be operated in the case, external dimensions WxDxH apx.: 770 x 535 x 165 mm, weight approx .: 7.5kg, made in Germany