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  • La Bella C750 Criterion Class Guitar MT
    La Bella C750 Criterion Class Guitar MT, String Set for Classical Guitar, Thickness: Medium tension, Excellent quality at an affordable price, Material (treble strings): Clear nylon, Winding material (bass strings): Golden Alloy, Winding type: Round wound, Packed with MAP technology (modified atmosphere) to
  • Richter Guitar Strap See-Through
    Richter Guitar Strap See-Through, Guitar Strap / Bass Strap, Material: Soft PVC, Rounded edges, Material thickness: approx. 4 mm, Length adjustable: 100 - 147 cm, Width: 6 cm, Colour: Transparent clear, Handmade in Germany@+*Note:* Contains plasticiser@+@+
  • DR Strings Dragon Skin DSE-9-42 2-Pack
    DR Strings Dragon Skin DSE-2/9 9-42 2-Pack, 6-string electric guitar string 2-pack set, Coated nickel-plated steel wrap wire wound on a hexagonal core wire, clear Coated to prevent corrosion, 09-11-16-24-32-42. 2-pack set. Handmade in USA
  • Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow 8 Set
    Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow 8 Set; active pickup set for 8-strings electric guitar; construction: humbucker; output: Medium; 3 Voicings per Pickup: Bridge: Voice 1: Vintage P.A.F, Voice 2: Clear, airy chime, Voice 3: Punchy Single Coil, Neck: Voice 1: medium output, Voice 2: Low output P.A.F roots, Voice 3:
  • EMG S Set BK
    EMG S Set BK; pickup set for ST-Style electric guitar; construction: noiseless single coils; set of 3; output: medium; bright and clear single-coil sound without hum, plenty of output to give your sound top end sizzle while maintaining solid lows with articulation and presence, the ceramic bar magnet allows